Some 20 kilometres north of Essaouira is the small village of Moulay Bouzerktoun,  named after the Marabout of the same name.  His mausoleum/zaouia is part of a mosque complex founded on the top of a cliff looking over the Atlantic ocean.

Little seems to be known about his life.  His tomb is included in the annual Regraga,  a month long pilgrimage around the Sufi tombs of the local tribes.


The bus service to Moulay Bouzkertoun from Essaouira leaves from Bab Doukalla.  It is part of the Lima service which serves the local towns and villages.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the junction of the road down towards the coast and the village.  The bus drops passengers to the town at that junction.  It is a 20 minute walk down into the village along a newly paved road.




The entrance into the zaouia and mausolem is through the archway.  This leads into a tiled corridor which,   passing through an arch,  winds its way to a blue door which is the entrance to the zaouia. A long carpet runs along one side of the room,  and towards the ocean side is another arch which leads to the tomb.














Another small tomb can be found inside this small crenellated structure beside the mosque.




Views from the side as well as from the beach show the dramatic location of the mausolem.