Several weeks ago I posted that I had commenced several Social Media sites.  These are Facebook,  Google+, Pinterest and Flickr.  The first 2 sites will host frequent posts regarding my trip,  photography, spirituality and features of India culled from a variety of sources and the remaining 2 sites to host images from my Galleries for quick digestion.  The purpose of this work is to get myself into a ‘zone’  where India becomes more focused in my mind,  to begin stretching myself intellectually again after 1 year of illness and to try to promote my photography and these sites in a modern world of ruthless inter-connectivity.  Just how wide an audience can I reach over the next year?

The posts on Facebook and Google+ are being planned and scheduled using software called Buffer which enables me to write a series of posts and then schedules when they will be released.  I have already developed and planned for a weekly ‘Photographer Documenting India series’,  where links to both classic and contemporary documentary photographers can be followed as the reader wishes and featured photographers include Raghu Rai,  Joey L,  Sebasiao Selgado,  Michael Ackerman,  Margaret Bourke White  Don McCullin amongst many others.  Also  a ‘Monthly Darshan’ post will provide me,  and potentially the reader,  with little understandings of Hindu spiritual practice and philosophy.  I will also scan India press outlets for news regarding the ongoing debate over the pollution of the Ganges and matters regarding the tensions between India’s provenance as one of the most spiritual societies in the world and its increasing secularisation as it’s economy develops.  An example of this is today’s post which raises controversy regarding children receiving diksha ( initiation ) into mostly adult ascetic communities,  and forfeiting their childhood in that process.  Finally I will post random images from journeys already undertaken until the next journey which commences on January 5th 2015.

I hope this will all not be too boring or invasive.  It is mostly a process which will enable me to develop my path more securely back into a society which enthralls as much as it confuses and despoils as much as it sanctifies.

Finally I have taken the liberty of inviting a number of people I know of only  through other people to join in the debate and I hope those invited will take that invitation with the liberal philosophy intended.