Great Stone Project 2022  :  on 15th June 2022 I left the Machrie Stones and made my way back to Lochranza to catch the ferry to Claonaig.  On the way I noticed several large stones on the foreshore overlooking the Kilbrannan Sound,  and passed by an ancient small cemetery.  Stone seemed to be everywhere;  my landscape was changing.  Here are some photographs below.  

What constitutes landscape?  Should I see in colour or monochrome? What did stone bring to a landscape and how to measure that?  Who were the people who built these monuments some 3000 years BC?  What were the monuments for?  How could I co-join with that landscape?  Stone was the primary relic from this foregone age and must somehow be pre-eminent here.  How could I make these landscapes more alive?  What are the rules in this landscape?