Photo-Documentary Books of India

Raghubir  Singh

1974     Ganga – Sacred River of India

1975     Calcutta

1981     Rajasthan

1981     Kumbh Mela

1983     Kashmir : Garden of the Himalayas

1986     Kerala : The Spice Coast of India

1987     Benaraes : The Sacred City of India

1988     Calcutta

1992     The Ganges

1994     Bombay : Gateway to India

1995     The Grand Trunk Road : A Passage Through India

1997     Tamil Nadu

1998     River of Colour : The India of Raghubir Singh

2002     A Way Into India


Raghu Rai

2014      The Tale of Two: An Outgoing and an Incoming Prime Minister

2013      Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom, Niyogi Books. ISBN 978-93-81523-69-8.|url=

2011      The Indians: Portraits From My Album, Penguin Books. ISBN 978-0-670-08469-2.[10]

2010      India’s Great Masters: A Photographic Journey into the Heart of Classical Music[11]

2005     Mother Teresa: A Life of Dedication, Harry N. Abrams, USA

2005     Romance of India, Timeless Books, India

2004     Indira Gandhi: A Living Legacy, Timeless Books, India

2004     Exposure: Portrait Of A Corporate Crime, Greenpeace, Netherlands

2003     Saint Mother: A Life Dedicated, Timeless Books, India;Mère Teresa), La Martinière, France

2002     Bhopal Gas Tragedy (with Suroopa Mukherjee), Tulika Publishers, India

2001     Raghu Rai’s India – A Retrospective, Asahi Shimbun, Japan

2000    Lakshadweep, UT of Lakshadweep, India

2000    Raghu Rai… in his Own Words, Roli Books, India

1998     Man, Metal and Steel, Steel Authority of India, Ltd., India

1997     My Land and Its People, Vadehra Gallery, India

1996     Faith and Compassion: The Life and Work or Mother Teresa, Element Books, USA

1996/01 Dreams of India, Times Editions, Singapore/Greenwich, UK

1994 Raghu Rai’s Delhi, Indus/Harper Collins, India

1991 Khajuraho, Time Books International, India

1990/91 Tibet in Esilio, Mondadori, Italy; (Tibet in Exile), Chronicle Books, USA

1990     Delhi and Agra (with Lai Kwok Kin and Nitin Rai), Hunter Publications, Inc., USA

1989     Calcutta, Time Books International, India1988 Dreams of India, Time Books International, Singapore; (L’Inde), Arthaud, France

1986/87 Taj Mahal, Times Editions, Singapore; Robert Laffont, France; Rizzoli Publications, USA

1985      Indira Gandhi (with Pupul Jayakar), Lustre Press, India

1984      The Sikhs, Lustre Press, India1983 Delhi: A Portrait, Delhi Tourist Development Corporation/Oxford University Press, India/UK1974 A Day in the life of Indira Gandhi, Nachiketa Publications, India


Margaret Bourke-White

1949     Halfway to Freedom; a report on the new India

1950     Interview with India


Henri Cartier-Bresson

1987     Henri Cartier-Bresson in India    Introduction by Satyajit Ray, photographs and notes by                                      Henri Cartier- Bresson, texts by Yves Véquaud. Thames and Hudson, London


Don McCullin

1999     India  London: Jonathan Cape. ISBN 0-224-05089-3.