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Here it is, the photograph I almost forgot. To be part of the largest gathering of people EVER in the history of Earth is kind of cool. It was estimated that 30 million people came to Sangam on Mauni Amawasya Snag on 10th February 2013 for a dip.

Some great people from Chile and Columbia and I had spent the night at the Juna Akhara ( naga baba) camp, watching them prepare for their dip to ‘cleanse the water’ on this auspicious day before the millions could enter the water. We were asked to leave their camp at about 6 am by a sword wielding man smothered in ash but had seen much that was remarkable before that. We watched the ascetic warriors rush from their camp at about 8am to immerse in the Ganges.

The crowds were absolutely unbelievable. We had to link hands and form a human chain to prevent ourselves from being swept in different directions. We eventually managed to reach one of the pontoon bridges where we stopped, looked back and took some photograph of one small part of the crowd.