Tanneries are synonomous with Morocco.  In Fez especially the large tanneries throughout the city draw tourists by their thousands,  each tourist being offered a sprig of mint as they gaze down from a terrace to counter the smell of the ancient processes.  Many of these tanneries have been renovated and working conditions improved for workers there.

A traditional tannery appears to exist in Essaouira,  on the road from Bab Doukalla towards Jotiya.  Stepping inside the door is like stepping back several millenia.

Whilst walking around I met Larbi in the room where the completed skins are stored.  He told me that goat, sheep, cow and camel skins are prepared there.  These are used for shoes,  bag, floor/wall coverings and for musical instruments and more besides. Walking around the medina of Essaouira, it is possible to watch craftsmen working on the skins to create their final product.

Here are some photographs of the environment.