My photographic interest over the last decade has primarily revolved around the landscapes of India,  Morocco and the United Kingdom.  Please find below links to galleries of images from each country.  Each image is available for download in 3 different resolutions for a fee payable by Paypal.  Descriptions regarding each image is contained within the image by clicking on the image.

India Gallery
Morocco Gallery
UK Gallery


My interest in India has centred around the course of the river Ganges from its sources in the Himalaya mountains to its entering the Indian Ocean at Ganga Sagar.  Towns and cities I have visited include Kolkata,  Varanasi,  Allahabad,  Uttarkashi and Gangotri.   The Ganges is regarded as a living Goddess and each location can be considered a sacred landscape.  I have tried to document activities of ritual and worship along its course,  the relationship between the residents of these towns and the river,  and the relationship/affinity between the many statues of deities and

My interest in Morocco has revolved around the nature of colour and decoration in the medinas in a number of towns,   the country’s historical association between illness and possession by Jinns,  the phenomenon/tradition of marabout,  Sufis,  Saint’s tombs and centres of religious activity called Zawiyas,   and finally the role of music as a means of exorcism and treatment as empoyed by religious fraternities venerating traditions established by long dead saints.

The photographs from the UK reflect my interest in the landscape of the periphery of the UK.  This includes spiritual landscapes especially stone circles and former industrial landscapes


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