04.09.2017             Interzone – Tangier’s Hedonistic Years
12.08.2017             Qurbani
11.08.2017             Love is Always in the Mood of Believing Miracles
24.06.2017             Moons Reflecting Light
03.08.2016             Seven Saints of Marrakesh
25.06.2016             The Sacred and Profane : Gnaouia and World Music Festival, Essaouira 2016
17.02.2016             The Road to Ganga Sagar
16.02.2016             Tangier Boat Repair Yard
08.02.2016             Brutalism in Tangier
23.10.2015             Chefchaouen Blue City of the Djeballa
27.09.2015             Returning to Where We Have Never Been
27.09.2015             Border Art in Tangier
02.09.2015             Of Gods and Men